Luck, wisdom and hard work

Through hard work harvest success, wisdom and luck.

Gold, one from luck and the other from hard work.

The image on the left are two items of gold that I own.  On the right is a gold sovereign that I purchased off Ebay a few years ago, that is now worth many times what I purchased it at. The item on the left is a St Christopher of less value that was gifted to me.  The coin is the result of my sweat and toil that earned the money to buy it, the St Christopher is the result of luck.

Yesterday, I read the story of a couple who won £148 million ($200+ million) on the lottery in a town where I have done business.  It is the dream of millions of people to be so lucky with no hard work but the purchase of a lottery ticket.  Just as there is one success story there is a million (often poor) who dig a hole for themselves of debt through gambling.

There is no science, magic or technique to lucky breaks like this lottery winning couple, the universe has a random element that casts arrows up which land in win-loss outcomes amongst random people.

There are also many people in life for whatever reason, who work hard yet show no great success.  Their failure is often lack of courage to seize opportunities and follow their dreams.

The curse of lucky breaks with out the hard work is there is no wisdom earned.  This couple made their first error in revealing to the world their windfall; now the parasites will come, and the envy of human nature will worm its way in amongst the community of this town where everyone know each other.  Money is a tool, and is as only as good as its user.  Money used well through practical wisdom benefits the user and their community, but often it is the case the winner of a large sum of money loses it just as quickly and suffers ruin of their life.  The unwise will go on spending sprees, waste their money on the trivial, suffer at the hands of parasites, and ruin their health through excess.

It is better to win success through hard work.  The reversals of life provide additional wisdom.  Wisdom comes through the doing, and so does the lucky breaks, which must be seized at every opportunity they appear.  By the time success finally arrives the individual has the wisdom to manage that success.  The danger to the winning lottery couple is it could be the ruin of them.

9 responses to “Luck, wisdom and hard work

  1. Oh Gosh! Luck is evil and blessing simultaneously!! Well, hard work is priceless, you always gets a reward – later or sooner depending again on your very own “DESTINY” or what you call it “LUCK”!
    Have a great day and thank you for the beautiful thought.

  2. Excellent post, especially the final paragraph. Keep it up!

  3. We only value what we earn. what falls from the sky can also be lost just as easily.

  4. You have written the truth. It is hard work and determination that will get you where you want to go. Those who are success of compleing that task do not let obstacles hinder them.

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