Liberty rather than Control

Lots of liberty and less control benefits self, community and the environment.

Carrying your little brother

All actions that liberate rather than control is good.

In the last few months I have signed many worthwhile petitions that campaigned for liberties or against harm of people or environment.  Today I refused to sign a petition to limit bonuses of bank staff. It would be hypocritical of me to tell the State to interfere with the decision of a business of how much bonus it pays its staff when I would not want that sort of interference in my own business decision-making on bonuses.  As business owner and citizen I support minimal interference by the State.

I consider the State should have only three functions: army, international diplomacy and enforcement of laws protecting rights and liberties, compensation law and contract law.  Anything else is run by small district councils centred on the local level.

All citizens, business and community should be allowed the maximum of rights and liberties to do as they like as longs as they do no harm to people, community or environment.  The laws encoded for rights and liberties, compensation law and contract law can enforce the rule of “do no harm”. Control is not desirable, but penalties for harm is desirable.  The State bailing out a failed bank makes no sense to me, especially when it is the poor who suffer the most from the action.

The backbone of the economy of the State is the small business, who operates on the community level.  It makes sense to concentrate all resources on the small business and not the unsustainable foreign-owned corporates.  The backbone of the political systems is the small community councils who better knows the needs of their community than a largely ignorant centralised government.  The backbone of the social systems is the family, and then the community; when their voice and needs are destroyed society collapses.  If the family and the community is strong then so is the nation, it will hold against anything since family and community work together in adversity in ways a centralised State apparatus can never do. The backbone of the environment is local, all the assets of wood, river and land belong to the community who exist as stakeholders and stewards to utilise sustainable activities to keep them healthy.  It it obvious that when tens of thousands of communities are sustainably managing their own environmental assets on the local level that the overall impact is the entire environmental system of the nation is healthy and abundant.

In all things from your own life all the way to the leadership of the nation the focus that increases liberty and eliminates control results in healthy, happy and abundant outcomes.

15 responses to “Liberty rather than Control

  1. [ Smiles ] It was rather nice of you not to sign that petition, because what goes around comes around and it might have affected your own business in the future.

    I like the part about having maximum rights provided that no harm is done to no one on my behalf.

    Another great article!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Government should not be in the business of setting maximum rates for pay, while I don’t believe that many of those huge bonuses are earned or needed by the individual, it is up to the people to make the changes they feel is needed not the government.

    This past November I decided not to vote for the first time, I didn’t feel my vote means anything when it comes to the federal level, but am very active instead in my local community where I do believe my actions and words have an impact.

  3. Surely when the state starts to interfere in private business .. such as bonus payments etc, that business could almost be considered nationalised.?? How can anyone sign for government interference in private practice..??

  4. I love just about everything you bring into the ‘light’. I finally found something I don’t fully agree with (in quotes).

    “I consider the State should have only three functions: army, international diplomacy and enforcement of laws protecting rights and liberties, compensation law and contract law. Anything else is run by small district councils centred on the local level.”

    Even that is too much control for a group of thugs who do not have consent. The constitutions either created the governments we have today or have been unable to stop them. Debt is child slavery! Taxation is theft at the barrel of a gun! Fiat is the power to create false wealth! You give the ‘State’ an inch and they take a mile, or a million miles. The ‘state’ is responsible for 10’s of millions of deaths! The list of non-consensual misdeeds reads like the tax code!

    Peace and Goodness,

    • Hi Damon, of course the ideal would be non-government, however there is practical considerations. A nation with no army gets invaded, then the question arises who runs the army to defend the nation? Of diplomacy, a foreign nation is unlikely to want to deal with 10,000 community councils, rather one representative of them all. Of law, someone needs to enforce the laws, it makes sense there is one body to enforce universal basic laws like liberties and rights.

      It could be possible to think of alternative arrangements to the State controlling army, diplomacy and laws but they all have their own significant problems.

      Thanks for your comment, your blog is a useful source of information on those issues we share a common interest in.

      • Everything has to follow 1st principles of voluntary and non-aggression, then everything else will work out spontaneously. “Who will pick the cotton if we abolish slavery?” It’s actually far easier for a State to take over another State than to take over a nation of free people. All you have to do is get rid of the head of the state and move your own guy to the top. The IRS is already established, the FED is already established, etc. There are still laws (basic natural rights), except no one has the authority to create legislation against you unless you do so on a voluntary basis. No one has the moral authority to kill or injure in your name without your consent.

      • Yes, it is easier to take over an existing structure than rebuild one from scratch.

  5. I totally agree about the backbone is small business…… We have too much interference…

  6. Something I have noticed is this, the liberalists often tend to be leftists and like the rightists tend to want a strong arm,often the state,to impose their world view on the rest of the world.Few things irritate me more than this,

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