Liberated Way Honey

I dream of beekeeping.

I have a dream to become a beekeeper.

I have a dream to become a beekeeper.

Long time readers know I am passionate about bees.  Personal challenges meant I missed the opportunity to start as a beekeeper in 2013, but I intend to invest and run a small beekeeping business in 2014.

Offering my own small contribution to the environment by looking after bees I will be selling honey in my local community.  It makes sense to me that I use a name that sits at rank one on most search engines, “Liberated Way” and its associated logo.  This is an advanced warning of a pending business connection to the Liberated Way name, but has only a limited impact on this blog. My local community will taste Liberated Way as well as read about it.

29 responses to “Liberated Way Honey

  1. I wish you all the best with this new venture. :)

  2. Best of luck with your goals! I look forward to reading about all you learn and accomplish!

  3. [ Smiles ] You have transformed “Liberated Way” into a brand; very nice!

  4. Oh, much good luck to you. Over the years, I have been a business mentor, see

    If there is anything that I can do in any way to ensure your venture succeeds, please do drop me an email (I was thinking on a ‘pro bono’ basis, of course!)

    It really is a fabulous idea.

  5. What a great idea, wish you luck with it, love honey!

  6. Hope all goes well. Before spending lots of money I wonder if you should look after a hive or two first for a while though to see if you take to it – very few people manage to make a living from beekeeping in the UK. The variable weather is a struggle; don’t assume each hive or even most will produce enough honey to harvest. I have made a huge loss on my beekeeping activities, but that’s ok because it’s just a hobby for me.

    Often an important source of income for the few commercial beekeepers who do exist here is looking after hives belonging to businesses or individuals who want honey but not the hassle of inspecting the bees. However they’d probably want someone with a bit of experience to do this, at least someone who had passed their BBKA Basic Assessment. Another good source of income is running beekeeping classes for the general public.

    Have a read of Steve Benbow’s book The Urban Beekeeper, he has managed to do well with turning his beekeeping business into a brand:

  7. Alex, good luck with your venture.

  8. Good Luck Alex!You really deserve it.And your honey is bound to be as wholesome as your blog.

    • If I can be as attentive to my bees as well as this blog I hope the harvest of honey will show it. Thanks for your best wishes :-)

      • To get you started.I’ll buy your first bottle.And no worries about honey spoiling.It literally is a super food that can last centuries.
        Did you know its extensively used in traditional medicine in India?

      • Thanks :-) I was unaware that India uses honey in medicine. I know honey has many good healing properties.

      • What flowers are around you?Honey made from nectar from different flowers tastes different.

      • So many flowers, from clover to blackberry flowers. The bees are busy now. I think it will be a good strategy to grow flowers that have specific medical properties that the bees will then use for their honey making. I don’t think many bee keepers have thought in those terms in UK.

  9. Wishing you well Alex with your Honey and Bee keeping… Good news for Bees here too… We have a wild bee’s nest in the garden, The Common Bumble Bee… I looked them up.. some are smaller than others, but they have found a way into the rockery and have caused us no problems, and buzz happily in and out all day…. lovely to see them.. We also have them under the shed in the allotments too… Hooray for Bee Power.. Long may the rule.. :-)

    Good Luck Alex in your venture.. ~Sue

  10. Good for you! One of my sons used to be a beekeeper, and his happiest times were when he was out in nature with his bees. Something therapeutic about nature and witnessing cooperation between its creatures and their habitat….

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