Harmony of the opposites

War is the manifestation of two opposites.

The bee and flower are a perfect example of harmony through opposites.

The bee and flower are a perfect example of harmony of the opposites.

I define war as the manifestation of two opposites.  If you move you encounter opposition of air resistance and gravity, this opposition is war.  You might comment that there is difference between a bomb blowing up people and you facing the wind as you walk to work; they are the same because there are oppositions in play.

Heraclitus considers that the patterns that repeat over time are “common” and it is worth basing our ideas, attitudes and behaviors on what is common than the children’s toys of blind opinion.  In nature war is common, and in human society war is also common.

All things in nature are good, only humanity breaks nature into subjective judgements of good and bad.  Fire is neither good nor bad, but it is common and will either provide you with warmth on a cold day, or burn you to death in a house fire.  War is common, being the manifestation of opposites your heart muscles work in opposition to each other so that you might live, but an opposition of a bullet to the heart would kill you.

Harmony is the result of those that work with the common in nature.  When you face the opposition of winter you put on warm clothes, when you face the opposition of summer, you put on less clothes.  The difference between human species and other living things in nature is that we choose to hold opinions and follow strategies in direct opposition to the common patterns of nature.  There is no harmony for the fool who goes naked in a winter snow storm.

To work with war in order to achieve harmony, the first action is to drop blind subjective opinions that war is good or bad.  War is as common as fire and should be treated as a force in nature like fire and breathing.  All living things excluding humanity treat war as common and work with the oppositions of war along the path of least resistance towards a harmony.

Humanity is the fool for creating needless war.  If I believed and acted upon the idea I could get all I wanted by stealing it, I would create a great deal of war from those I stole from.  If I trade for anything I needed then there would be less war.  In situations of war the wise employ strategies that work with the oppositions, I was a fool when camping in a storm, and nearly died under a falling tree.

In closing I shall comment briefly on the example of the recent fighting between Israel and Palestine.  One of the complex reasons for this oppositions resulting in war is the unity of opposites where each side seeks to deny the existence of the other, so that an existential crisis arises where a side is forced to fight or end in oblivion.  When two sides share the same existential space where neither can withdraw to another space, the strategy is either going to be total genocide of one side or be doomed to failure, thus the path of least resistance must be something other than bombs and bullets to achieve a harmony between two opposing sides.  If two sides of the heart can find a harmony in the opposites thus creating life to the whole, so there is a hidden answer in the current opposition between Israel and Palestine, but only the wise will see it.

16 responses to “Harmony of the opposites

  1. Again, love what you have written but it doesn’t quite gell with me. Will see if I can explain why later on.

  2. This is a brilliant explanation of what you see as the problem… I have never thought of it in this manner as today unlike yesteryear we seem to talk more to solve problems rather than fight… in the middle east it just seems to me they want to fight like the days of old… just my take on it….

  3. Jeffrey Sachs has an interesting essay over on the Big Think blogsite under the title of The Waste of War. Link is here: http://bigthink.com/project-syndicate/the-waste-of-war

    It opens:
    NEW YORK – Karl Marx famously wrote that history repeats itself, “the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Yet when we look around nowadays, we can’t help but wonder whether tragedy will be followed by yet more tragedy. Here we are, at the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, and we find ourselves surrounded by cascading violence, duplicity, and cynicism of the very sort that brought the world to disaster in 1914. And the world regions involved then are involved again.

    WWI began with a mindset, one based on the belief that military means could resolve pressing social and political issues in Central Europe. A century earlier, the German military theorist Carl von Clausewitz had written that war is “a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means.” Enough politicians in 1914 agreed.

    Yet WWI proved Clausewitz tragically wrong for modern times. War in the industrial age is tragedy, disaster, and devastation; it solves no political problems. War is a continuation not of politics, but of political failure.

  4. War in humanity can be summed up in the last phrase in your post, “but only the wise will see it.” In most situations the wise are not the ones in political power. And when a wise man/woman voice their opinion they are looked at as if they are crazy.

    Great post, Alex. Love reading what you have to say.

  5. It seems Alex we learn very little as History repeats.. except our weaponry gets more accurate and lethal And yes .. Only the wise will see it..

    • Humanity is good at creating efficient technologies of killing, poor at finding solutions to sickness such as Ebola.

      • Look up this post about that here Alex http://wp.me/p1UhuX-28F

      • Thanks for the link. The simple cure against Ebola of Vitamin C is something that should be better known. It is criminal that people might be needlessly dying for lack of information on simple cures. The properties of silver to kill bacteria is also interesting.

      • Yes Alex, I thought you would be interested.. And although it says its NOT a cure. but helps to give time to help the body build up its own immunity. Massive intravenous amounts of Vit C would be needed to help stop the body’s Vit C being striped away to nothing which then leads to cellular breakdown and haemorrhaging… It makes a lot of sense to me.

      • I agree. The next logical step would be find a counter to the process that is eating up the Vitamin C in the body.

      • Well like the article says,, if invented the cure is also known.. But there is more going on behind the scenes than we are privy too..
        We had past scares in Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and before that Aids….. I am never ever more surprised at what lengths those in power go to Alex.. You have only to look at History in the war to the type of experiments carried out on human beings.. and the Genetic War is still on going.

      • There is a saying about a snake that bites its own tail, eventually the fool will suffer the doom of the curse they unleashed upon the world.

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