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Individual power of change

Forget social movements and actors, you can make change.

This is Circe, one of my oak saplings I am growing.  Planting a tree is a small individual action, but it contributes overall to a healthier planet and community.

This is Circe, one of my eight oak saplings I am growing. Planting a tree is a small individual action, but it contributes overall to a healthier planet and community.

Individuals have no need to wait for a social movement, a celebrity endorsement or a disaster to make simple and small changes of steps now that benefit this planet and their community.  Small steps can include recycling, planting a tree or picking up litter. In the deeds and choices the individual makes they feel empowered and gain wisdom through experiential activity helping this planet and their community.

You may have heard about the ice bucket challenge where people are emptying ice-cold water over their heads in aid of ALS research which is a motor neurone disorder.  Many participants of the ALS challenge do so without bothering to learn what ALS is, or donate to the research; they follow a social trend with no understanding or interest of what it is about.  The ALS challenge echos the problems of the Occupy Movement, most of the participants had no goals or idea why they were protesting.  Many participants of mass social movements do so mindlessly without interest or understanding what such movements are about.

Russell Brand is a British celebrity involved in comedy, is becoming increasingly vocal in social and ecological movements.  When I take a closer look at Brand I find despite all the words he has no vision or answers to the issues he seems so passionate about.  I am cynical about Brand, who seems to lack authenticity.

The power of change is authentic and effective only at the individual level, that is I and you, and we have no need of social movements or celebrities to make our little ripples of positive change into the world.

The rise of localism

Globalism and central control is coming to an end.

Bees are localised, sustainable and self reliant, something humanity will learn the hard way.

Bees are localised, sustainable and self-reliant, something humanity will learn the hard way.

The first of a series of debates on Scottish independence from the UK took place yesterday, the vote for independence takes place next month.  The campaign for Scottish independence is part of a larger paradigm shift away from globalism to localism around the world.  Cornwall, Wales, Mercia, Yorkshire and Wessex are all campaigning for independence in the UK.  Even in my town of Colchester we want to take back control of highways from external authorities.

The European elections this year resulted in a surge in anti-EU nationalistic parties doing well.  UKIP which wants the UK to leave the EU was the clear winner in the UK in the European elections.  The UN is increasingly seen as ineffective in the face of international crisis, often used by a few powerful nations, and ignored by practically everyone.  Israel recently expressed the contempt nations now have for the UN by bombing UN schools in Gaza.

The USSR has broken up into small nations, as has Yugoslavia.  Sudan split into two and Georgia into three nations.  There is talk of California in the USA breaking into six states, and a growing but still small movements for other states breaking away from the Union altogether.  The fighting in East Ukraine is as much about local Russians wanting to determine their own future as the international games of chess between the superpowers.

Flanders is seeking to break from Belgium; Catalonia and the Basque Country want to break from Spain; the city of Venice wants to break from Italy; Quebec is looking to break from Canada; Kurdistan and many other Peoples are seeking to form their own nation states out of the chaos of Iraq, Syria and Libya.

New forms of local currency such as the Totnes pound and electronic currencies such as Bitcoin challenge the bankers. Until recently my local council Essex Council was talking about creating its own bank for local people.  Corporates such as Starbucks are considering creating their own currencies, in effect becoming their own banks.  Multiple non-banking payment systems such as PayPal are now part of internet commerce.  In the face of sanctions Russia has created their own version of VISA for citizens to pay their bills.

The internet has helped to break up the power of information monopolies where the citizen blogger is as effective as a journalist in the New York Times.  The internet places greater power in the hands of the individual on the local level.

Water, energy, food and debt are the four great forces now driving the world politically, economically and socially.  The many chasing a diminishing amount of resources drives people to fight or conserve their resources.  Huge growing public and private debt is destroying nation states, driving the momentum to think local rather than global.  The Greek economic crisis drove local people back to the land, to become self-sufficient, and create systems of trade outside of the global financial system.

I support localism, and I designed my business with localism in mind.  The growing international crisis will force people to become local, sustainable and self-reliant.  As the money runs out nations, communities and individuals will quickly learn that it is down to themselves to live or die.

The sacredness of personal space

Your personal space is worthy of defending from invasion.

My garden fox sums up my disbelief at both the Brazilian massacre by Germany but also the enthusiasm of people to sacrifice their personal space so willingly.  I respect the personal space of my fox and I attempt not to disturb her when she visits my garden.

My garden fox sums up my disbelief at both the Brazilian massacre by Germany but also the enthusiasm of people to sacrifice their personal space so willingly. I respect the personal space of my fox and I attempt not to disturb her when she visits my garden.

Modern society is a highly intrusive culture, where too many people I know admit to using internet sites such as Facebook in order to poke their noses into the lives of their friends, family and associates.  On the one hand people have a narcissistic delight of drawing attention to their own person, whilst many others seem to live through the lives of others.

The recent semi-final of Brazil and Germany at the World Cup drew world attention to a grief-stricken boy who witnessed the humiliating destruction of his team by Germany.  The father of the boy reacted:

He also raised concerns about the intense media coverage his son was getting, saying that the boy’s weeping “belongs to himself only” – not to the world’s media. “What remains is a reflection on how a child’s sincere crying represents us all in an age of excess information, instantaneous emotions and artificial feelings.”

I define personal space as: body; personal information; home; mind; life; worldview; prosperity (health, happiness, abundance); dreams.  The personal space being sacred is worthy of defending against anyone and anything that seeks to invade it.

The modern world has evolved into a monster that has no respect for personal space, which it invades and then seeks to violate for its own benefit at the expense of the individual.  It is however the responsibility for the individuals to guard their personal space rather than the rulers, sadly most people no longer value their personal spaces nor that of others.  I have strong personal boundaries to defend my personal space, and I also respect the spaces of others.  I wish that more people would see how sacred personal space is.

Know the apple, eat it.

Blogs that deny comment, deny themselves wisdom.

The brave gain wisdom by eating apples, the cowards gain nothing but ignorance.

The brave gain wisdom by eating apples, the cowards remain ignorant.

I visited dozens of WordPress blogs under the philosophy category, some apparently are ignorant about what philosophy means – “love of wisdom”.  How does one gain wisdom? You know the apple by eating the apple, the wisdom comes from sensory experiential activity.

Some of the would-be philosophers chose to disable comments on their blogs.  How does an individual gain wisdom after expressing their ideas on a blog unless they are brave and allow the opportunity for feedback? How can I know that ideas I share with the world are worthwhile unless I test them against the perceptions of others?  If a reader comments on a blog post it offers to me  self-reflection upon the ideas I shared, it is like eating an apple, for I am experiencing a reaction which results in wisdom.

Is it better to allow a child to run about in nature, fall over, experience cuts, bruises and stings through their activities of play, or lock them in the house all day, restricted to safe boring activities? Will the safe child be a happy wise child?  Those bloggers terrified that their ideas might be commented on, or dare I say challenged, will gain no wisdom.  I never read those blogs.

A new definition of prosperity

Prosperity defined: Health; Happiness; Creativity.

The TED lectures that sometimes feature younger minds offer for me new ways of looking at the world.  I watched the following today:

The young speaker offers a new approach to education, which is worth viewing, but also defined prosperity as health, happiness and creativity. In addition to health and happiness I had previously added abundance. Thinking again about prosperity I recognise that if the individual lives a healthy, happy and creative life, they will attract abundance as a result. I have replaced abundance with creativity in my definition of prosperity.

Welcome and an Update.

Welcome to all my new readers.  I hope you will benefit from reading this blog.

My business has been absorbing all my available time and energy at the moment, so my apologies for lack of posting on this blog.  Rain and storm continue to besiege me here in Colchester UK, and I dream of beautiful warm days.

I wish all my readers prosperity for 2014, a life of health, happiness and creativity.

Into the darkness

Impermanence, death, winter and nature.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly" Photo dedicated in memory of NIKOtheOrb, RIP.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
Photo dedicated in memory of NIKOtheOrb, RIP.

The first day of November heralded for the Celts the start of the new year, for my ancient ancestors considered that the world began from the darkness.  This is now the twelfth day of winter, everything is dark and cold, the land of Britain is falling asleep.  The trees cast off their leaves, the hedgehog that visited my garden has vanished into hibernation.

I am reminded at this time of the tale of Lludd and Llevelys, a Celtic story of a king that I argue was ruler of Colchester because he was brother to Cassivellaunus who was said to have historically seized Colchester prompting Julius Caesar to invade Britain, and in legend to have seized the throne of Britain from his brother.  In this story at the start of winter an invisible thief charms everyone to sleep then steals the food and drink of the people, prompting Lludd to call in help from his wise brother Llevelys.  The story highlights the Celtic worldview that death and winter is merely a transformation, nothing dies, everything becomes invisible and asleep, before re-emerging awake and visible.  The invisible thief is that aspect of nature that is death and winter, the land is now asleep, and the abundant food I used to forage until a few weeks ago has vanished.  

This invisible thief has hurt me in recent weeks by making invisible… stealing… those things and people I cared about.  I was devastated when the “Castle Tree” was wiped out by storm St Jude on 28th October.  Now I learn that a blogger, a kindred spirit called Nikotheorb died on 21st October, the day they made three blog posts, and who I last exchanged comments with on 16th October on Liberated Way.  Niko’s blog posts and their comments on my blog was a source of influence and encouragement to my blogging.  I do not know how Niko died, but I grieve at this news, like parts of me are vanishing into nothingness.

Objectively I recognise in nature there is impermanence, everything is change and transformation.  Things and people appear and go out of existence every moment in nature.  I write this, Helix the cat has jumped upon the table to investigate an interesting smell, unusual for this cat… everything in motion… the cat is cleaning itself and now settling down to sleep on its interesting new “blanket”… I remember Helix as a little kitten… in years to come it will grow old and pass on…

Like my ancestors I recognise that death is not an ending, but a transformation from one state to another.  What is invisible and asleep will emerge again into visibility and wakefulness.  The warm days will return, the darkness and cold will flee, the land will awaken into abundant visibility at some point.  For everything and everyone death is a change in state, visible to invisible to visible again.

The last post of Niko was about her delight of a thunderstorm. My post on 22nd October after Niko’s passing is my own joy of nature. The cat Helix watches me as I post these last words, a reminder of the moment, to enjoy life whilst we can, each beautiful moment.  Helix goes to sleep.   The final post by Niko was a quote by Einstein:

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.  From discord, find harmony.  In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Tears as I finish… a little cat sleeps next to my laptop in innocent bliss.

The curse of information hoarding

I close down four Twitter accounts.

I no longer want to be an internet squirrel hording useless information I will never use.

I am no longer an internet squirrel hoarding useless information I will never use.

As Autumn slowly transforms into Winter the squirrels in my local park busy gathering the abundant nuts for the hungry season.  A squirrel will find a nut, then hoards it by burying it in the ground.  It is a chaotic process as squirrels find each others hidden nut hoard and bury the nuts in a new location, a process that predictably results in some nuts being forgotten and thus enjoying the blessing of growing into trees thanks to the squirrels activities.

Survival activity

Hoarding is a survival activity, the difference between if a squirrel lives or dies in the British winter.  Many people need to hoard rubbish or clutter because the individual is anxious through some insecurity.  In any emergency people empty shop shelves and hoard their food.  Banks during the Credit Crisis hoarded their money so that credit for business and resident dried up.

Internet information hoarding

I exchanged comment with a reader of Liberated Way on why there is inertia on internet forums, the lack of activity of thousands of registered members resulting in internet graveyards.  The reader suggested that many internet sites were places where people hoarded information rather than participated in dynamic interaction.  It is apparent that rather than using the internet as a tool of interaction, many people are like squirrels and hoard information.  This is a problem I experienced with my bookmarks, I hoarded hundreds of links to interesting internet information, I was becoming an internet squirrel cluttering up my browser with a confusing pile of information links.

Nature wastes nothing

Nature is dynamic, nature wastes nothing.  Either squirrels will eat the buried hoard of nuts, or other living things will devour the nuts, or the nuts will grow into trees.  Only amongst humanity can clutter gather that will never be used.  Knowledge is like nuts, use information, or it is useless junk.

I avoid internet content aggregators

One of the dislikes I have of Facebook, Google +, Yahoo or LinkedIn was they are content aggregators, dustbins of collected information nobody will ever use, an abyss where billions of internet users hoarded useless and dead information.  My position is that either a thing is useful or I eliminate it, thus this is one of the reasons I avoid the content aggregators.

I close 4 Twitter accounts

My attention turned to Twitter.  I closed down four Twitter accounts today, including the Liberated Way Twitter account, leaving only my business Twitter account active.  My business Twitter account attracts and coördinates my business activities, thus it is useful, but to act like a squirrel dumping junk on my Twitter account which few will read is a waste of my life.  The loss of the Liberated Way Twitter feed resulted in the immediate loss of 83 followers to my blog.


My approach to life is simplicity and liberty free of junk.  I am no longer an internet squirrel.