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Sex was invented in Scotland

The evolution of sex began in Scotland according to scientists.

I am still away - back soon.

I am still away – back soon.

In the land of cold and constant rain where men traditionally wear kilts, scientists have discovered a significant fact lurking in their lakes traditionally inhabited by the Loch Ness Monster – the evolution of sex.  According to the BBC news site scientists have identified an appropriately named creature called M. dicki discovered in a Scottish lake as being the first known creature that mated using copulation.

I am still away, I wish all my readers a good week.

Away for a while

I am away for a few weeks due to demands of my business.

Autumn Apple at Sunset.

Autumn Apple at Sunset.

In these last few weeks of Autumn before Winter comes like a howling storm upon the north of this world, I must depart from blogging a while because this has become a busy period business-wise.  I leave you with a photograph of an apple at sunset.  See you soon.


Leaving wild animals alone to co-exist with us

Having detachment is better for wild animals and humans

During my meetings with Amber my garden fox I kept a distance even if it proved inconvenient at times.

During my meetings with Amber my garden fox I kept a distance even if it proved inconvenient at times.

A wild fox is visiting my garden in the night, though I have yet to know if this is Amber, who has been elusive or missing for at least two months.  During the time I knew Amber I kept a distance, she became used to me so that I could take many good photographs; sometimes I talked to her to calm her if we came upon each other by surprise, but I never interfered with her, fed her or attempted to touch her.

People forget that wild animals are no pets, and they are capable of looking after themselves.  Providing animals with opportunities such as wild birds with a water bath and feeding stations is good, but wisdom needs applying so that both humans and wild animals suffer no harm from dependency or over familiarity.  Feeding a fox chocolate for instance would kill it, the wrong type of food is giving hedgehogs diabetes.

This video on YouTube shows an ignorant human coming across a sleeping baby deer in a cemetery.  This supposed cute video shows a baby deer that the human awoke, showing evident distress and running away.  The human is oblivious to the situation they are creating by becoming too involved with a wild animal, driving an animal off so making it harder for its mother to find it, risking an attack on the human from a mother deer if it is in the vicinity.

Enjoying wild animals from a distance whilst they express their wild nature in a liberated way free from human interference is a blessing, and is the best way for humanity and wild animals to co-exist in harmony in nature.

The question of liberty, control and censorship

Using choice expresses liberty rather than censorship.

Amber my garden fox enjoyed the liberty of choice to come and go from my garden, but there are conditions, such as not eating the cat.

Amber my garden fox enjoyed the liberty of choice to come and go from my garden, but there are conditions, such as not eating the cat.

Because Facebook is happy to host content involving the torture of animals I closed my Facebook account, a subject I wrote about on Liberated Way here and here.  Paul Handover of Learning from Dogs indicated he was closing his Facebook account over the content on animal torture on Facebook, and said why in his own article, suggesting readers might consider doing the same thing. Patrice Ayme in his WordPress article condemned me and Paul Handover as supporting censorship by closing our accounts with Facebook, which brings me to my views on censorship, liberty and control.

Censorship is an action associated with the filtering or blocking of information of any form.  Censorship is a tool, it is neither good or bad, but people use censorship for beneficial or harmful purposes.

As an individual I am making no attempt at control of Facebook, neither telling it how to behave or what to moderate.  I am invoking the liberty of personal choice to disassociate myself as a consumer or user of Facebook because its policy on showing content of animal torture are against my personal values.  I and my corporate business has policies that reject association with those that mistreat or promote animal mistreatment.  Paul Handover and others like him have their own reasons for closing their accounts with Facebook, but they are all invoking liberty of personal choice.

The individual has two key powers of change in this world, one is by setting an example, the second is by making active choices of what we will support.  Those people or groups with no support die, the power I and others invoked by choosing to close our accounts with Facebook weakens it, and if lots of users abandoned Facebook then it will panic and consider a change of direction.  Taking responsibility and making positive choices as to what the individual will support is liberty instead of censorship.

My business has intervention policies which means it does not intervene in forcing control on individuals, groups, communities, corporates or nation states, but it will invoke choice never to associate with them if they for instance mistreat animals or indigenous people such as the Sami.  The policies form a business contract with my suppliers, investors and customers so that they are clear in their minds that in order to do business with me there are values I expect from them.  In the same manner Facebook could change its terms and conditions to ban content of the torture of animals; rather than a form of censorship, the users agree a business contract before posting to Facebook so they understand in order to use a business service that such content is unacceptable. Potential customers of my business retain the liberty of personal choice, if they mistreat animals they will have to go elsewhere to do business, I do not control anyone, they agree a set of values in a business contract or don’t do business with me.

Good and bad technology

I support technology in harmony with nature and humanity.

Nature can teach us a lot about how to create and apply technology that is in harmony with nature and humanity.

Nature can teach us a lot about how to create and apply technology that is in harmony with nature and humanity.

To media fanfare Dyson introduced to the world a robotic vacuüm cleaner, the coding which took engineers 100, 000 hours to produce. Scientists have developed a robot called Boris who will load up your dishwasher. Do you want to kiss someone far away? Let a robot kiss your beloved for you.

In my opinion current technological advances are unnecessary, enslaving and depersonalising.  It seems some may feel I hate or oppose technology, in reality I dislike bad technology and I support good technology.  I refuse to have a smart phone, I refuse to use cloud computing, I refuse to have robotic garbage in my home, because I have no need for them.  Why would I want a robotic vacuüm cleaner when I can use a dustpan and brush instead?

The following are four technological innovations I love:

1. Solar powered transport. 

On my shopping list, a solar-powered boat like MS Tûranor. The only vehicles I prefer to associate with are those powered by the sun or wind.  When you think that due to fuel costs a large container ship is slower than a wind or solar-powered ship, there is a bright future for this type of technology.

2. Communication with plants (and animals.)

We all know animals communicate, but did you know plants talk to each other? Imagine being able to find out how your apple tree is feeling today, or your runner beans telling you what the weather will be like? If a field of wheat can communicate to the farmer the moment it is under attack by a disease or pest, food productivity would increase.

3. Information and quantum mechanics.

I will soon be able to transfer vast amounts of information to you instantly without any possibility of it being intercepted by a third-party using quantum mechanical properties such as entanglement.

4. Artificial Intelligence.

Even though people love to become enslaved or enjoy illusionary control through smart phones and robotic vacuüm cleaners, they become paranoid about AI, terrified that an AI system might enslave or destroy humanity.  If an AI is smart enough to think for itself, then it can learn to care, become wise, to become a philosopher.  I see endless possibilities for positive applications of AI, for instance running all the accounting, inventory and records of a hospital, freeing up the time of medical staff to care for their patients.

Caring about animal welfare

As individuals it is down to us to look after animals.

I define sustainability as action in harmony with nature, which includes how I or my business treat animals.

I define sustainability as action in harmony with nature, which includes how I or my business treat animals.

As so-called consumers each of us influence how government or corporate treats animals.  Tesco, a British food retail corporate, planned to shoot a wild bird flying around one of its shops, but a consumer outcry forced it to use alternative capture methods.  I could have stopped buying from Tesco had it shot the bird.

For six months I have been experimenting with a Facebook account in order to stay in contact with the creative industry in my town of Colchester.  This experiment came to an end today when I closed my Facebook account due to Facebook allowing content associated with the torture of animals.

My personal company now has an animal policy which means it will refuse to work with either customers, suppliers or investors who causes or supports the suffering of animals.  One potential customer I will refuse to work with under this policy is Colchester Zoo which for instance unnecessarily in my opinion shot three wolves last year that it allowed to escape.  In addition my company might employ animals rather than machines in some of its activities, and such animals would be treated as like an employee, with a focus on positive incentives, health and happiness of the animal.

See through the illusion of fear

Fear is a powerful weapon the ruler uses to retain control.

Hope and dreams are like a rose, against which the authority figure uses fear to diminish or deny its bloom.

Hope and dreams are like a rose, against which the authority figure uses fear to diminish or deny its bloom.

I am a free spirit, difficult to control, though authorities would use fear as a tool to try to control me.  If I wanted to do something, I would do it. I developed a creative approach to counter those that used fear to restrict and undermine me.

Most of the news or advertising is a form of fear based marketing to control your thoughts and actions.  Fear of death, matched with the answer of a soap product to keep you young; a car crash, matched with the latest safety feature in a new car; an invented problem of loneliness because of bad breath, matched by the solution of a fresh mint mouth wash.

Fear based marketing against Scottish independence has reached fever pitch in the last week, a fear that oozes out of every UK news outlet covering the last days of the independence campaign reveals how closely entwined politician, media and the large corporates are, the so-called Establishment that seeks through pure fear to encourage the Scottish to vote no to independence.

I hope that the avalanche of fear will induce a psychological backlash from the Scottish to see through the fear as a mirage of illusion and thus vote YES.  Indeed, the current polls suggest that the Scottish YES vote is holding its ground, and there is a hidden majority who will reveal their intentions on the day of the voting.

You will find that when you follow a new pattern of thinking and behavior those in power will oppose you through fear.  The brave ignore the fear, see through it as an empty illusion.  Only by driving through fear will positive change become possible in this world.