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Action in harmony with nature.

Sources of inspiration for Liberated Way

I created links to sources of inspiration for Liberated Way.

Everyone have a source of inspiration.

Everyone has a source of inspiration.

Everyone has a source of inspiration, the many sources of inspiration for Liberated Way have now been listed here. The links include pdf or html sources to texts, and some videos that inspired me.

I hope you will find these links and the blog posts on Liberated Way useful.

The beauty of simplicity

Why it is best to keep everything simple in life.

A happy blue tit is attracted to and obtains food from a simple bird feeder.  Simplicity improves personal success and happiness in life.

A simple bird feeder attracts a happy blue tit to easily obtain food from it. Simplicity improves personal success and happiness in life.

I have various types of bird feeder in my garden, though I found that because the birds were not using some of the feeders I experienced food waste.  The problem was the visually appealing feeders that were too complicated for birds to know there was food in them, and the way to obtain that food.  The answer was simplicity, such as the feeder in the photo, which allows me to insert food into it, easily identifiable and obtainable to the birds.  The “log” feeder attracts many starlings, blue tits, and some robins, whilst keeping the fat greedy pigeons from grabbing all the food.

Nature is a good teacher, and one lesson is simplicity.  Plants and animals are effective and efficient in design and action, conserving, utilising and obtaining energy by the simplest and most practical way possible.  I have retired all my complex bird feeders, replaced with simple ones; now the birds visit and I waste no food.

Simplicity is important in business, as well as in life.  One of the great sources of stress of the modern age is the human obsession with complexity.  Why would I want to cut a hedge with a machine when I can do it manually with garden sheers in half the time? Why would I want a software program or cell phone with lots of features which I will never use and don’t understand? Complicated systems and tools means that more can go wrong, and demands greater energy, time and money to understand, use, maintain and solve problems.  I have low tolerance for anything complicated; I like and use simple solutions to my problems.

A simple way to build a simpler way of doing anything is breaking things into the goal, the process to reach that goal, and the desired result.  Having a map to a desired destination is good, so how about a written map involving everything you do in life? A process called Jugaad focuses on creating a process to reach a goal at low-cost, but high benefit.  A process called Kaizen concentrates on improving a process to make it more efficient or effective at reaching a goal through a series of constant and small improvements.  Jugaad and Kaizen is what nature is doing in creating simple and highly effective solutions to problems experienced by animals and plants.

The individual has only a finite amount of time, money and energy to achieve their dreams and goals, thus an approach in life focused on simplicity increases and enhances the chances of success in life.

Birds move into their new home

I welcome my first wild tenants to a nesting box.

Home Sweet Home, blue tits have moved into their new home in my garden to raise their young.

Home Sweet Home, blue tits have moved into their new home in my garden to raise their young.

I have decided to move into the real estate business letting out nesting boxes to wild birds in my garden.  My first customers moved in to their new home in the last few days.

I encountered birds nesting in metal boxes designed for smokers to dispose of their used cigarettes last year, which prompted me to supply nesting boxes in my garden as healthier places to nest for wild birds.

I miss my garden fox Amber, who last year spent many days sleeping in my garden in the sun.  My new visitors taking up residence are a pair of blue tits, who are currently building their nest in the nesting box, situated in an apple tree.  The nesting box cost me less than $5 to buy, something rough and natural, so I purchased three for my avian tenants.

Having wild animals living in a garden can provide hidden benefits for the gardener.  The blue tits can have anything as high as sixteen young in a nest, each requiring 100 caterpillars a day for food (or 1600 caterpillars a day for 16 young), which would significantly reduce any caterpillar problem in a garden.  Rather than use chemicals, a family of blue tits can offer a sustainable natural solution to a caterpillar infestation problem.

Giving time to helping wildlife

Each individual can make a small difference helping wildlife.

It is my hope Amber my garden fox will return to my garden in 2015.

I hope Amber my garden fox will return to my garden in 2015.

The British climate after the New Year grew teeth with hard frosts and a climate that sent my mood crashing into the hard ground.  As I eat breakfast I visit the places I planted spring bulbs in my garden, a mood of anticipation like a child waiting for sweets. I watch the slowly emerging green shoots with near religious fervor, wishing, nay praying, their flowering would drive the cold jagged beast of winter away.

The foxes every night emerge with noisy announcements, fighting and marking out their territories whilst pursuing a mate.  One fox includes my garden in its large territory, then circles its kingdom of many gardens with its vocal calls from sunset to deep into the night.  I have seen the fox, but it is too dark to see if this is Amber, a fox I have not seen for many months.

The wild birds have returned to the garden, fighting for food, they are hungry.  The time of winter through to the end of the nesting season in June is a time when wild birds in the UK need the help of humans for food.  Regardless of where one lives, with wisdom, the little creatures appreciate the kindness, so food is always available in the feeding stations; I replace fresh water or break the ice of the water bowls to help birds so they can wash and drink from them.

Today I purchased a nest box which I shall soon put up.  Human development rarely acts in harmony with nature so that yearly the potential nesting sites grow less for wild birds forcing them to nest in such areas as the metal ashtrays of the communal flats in Colchester.  Birds appreciate nesting boxes if located with wisdom away from predatory interference.

Small acts of kindness for the wild animals in our gardens and community takes little effort but has a huge impact on the lives of the animals that benefit.  It is worth thinking how you could help an animal and impact their little lives in a positive big way.

What is abundance?

Abundance is something created such as food.

People often think abundance is money or material possessions, they are wrong, it is a thing that is born out of creativity such as growing food.

People often think abundance is money or material possessions, they are wrong, it is a thing that is born out of creativity such as growing food.

New Year and I bless people with the three elements of prosperity during 2015: health, happiness and abundance.  Health and happiness are easy to understand but abundance can confuse.

Abundance has nothing to do with money or material possessions.  Money is a measure or a token of trade, rather than a tangible or concrete thing.  We measure money either in pieces of paper of debt, a type of IOU note; base engraved metal or as figures on a computer database; all which can become instantly worthless in a financial crisis.  Money really is debt, which is the opposite of prosperity.

Modern civilisation embraces the paradigm that qualities of prosperity such as happiness comes from the constant consumer purchase of material possessions.  Human beings clutter their lives with possessions that brings about anxiety of their loss, protecting them from fire and theft, having to find room, often in paid for storage facilities of something of burden rather than happiness.  The paradox is that there is little prosperity in material possessions.

My local museum is full of images of gods with symbols of abundance, one common example is a cornucopia overflowing with fruit.  The ancient coins of the ancient Celtic rulers of Colchester shows an ear of barley, another symbol of abundance reflecting good soil fertility in the Colchester area.  From these images abundance means something you create: harvests; children; poetry.

When I wish abundance to you my readers in 2015 I mean that what you create, work at and accomplish results in an abundant harvest.  If you love growing fruit, may that fruit be plentiful.  As a result of abundance, money will come to you, and so will the material possessions if that is your goal, but it is useful to have in mind that abundance is directly related to creativity, what you create is what you harvest as abundance.

Overcoming challenges by doing it

Procrastination, fear and obstruction overcome by activity.

Human society loves immediate gratification but nature shows that the reward is often delayed in coming after action.  The acorns I planted sat silently sleeping for many months before manifesting as an oak sapling.

Human society loves immediate gratification, but nature shows that the reward is often delayed in coming after activity. The acorns I planted sat silently sleeping for many months before manifesting as oak saplings.

You achieve nothing in life without intelligent action.  After time away I faced challenges to writing on Liberated Way again: fear of losing writing form; procrastination formed from the fear and inertia of writing inactivity; the changes to WordPress that made the blogging platform strange, complicated and clumsy, changes that I totally disliked.

Change is a universal truth in nature, Heraclitus observed  “everything flows,” a motto I have adopted for my business.  Living things adapt to change or fail in the game of life.  It is for us to flow with the changes, adapting in harmony with nature.  Change has no master, it is useless complaining, and worse, doing nothing.  Regret is painful to those that make no attempt to meet a challenge or seize an opportunity; by attempting something and failing such as getting light out of a potato a few days ago, provides relief from regret.

The only answer to challenges in life is activity, getting your hands dirty, taking the cuts and bruises; learning through failure; expending energy, tears, sweat and sometimes blood through a painful, sometimes boring process against relentless obstacles, opposition and pain.   It might seem that after a massive expenditure of time, energy and money in a painful fight resulting in abject failure the individual might question why they bothered, but hidden treasure such as wisdom born from experience in the attempt, and a tough mind born of the strife of the stressful experience is the least of rewards no book or easy walked path can give you.

In this game of life those who act are the hero, those that complain and do nothing are the zero.  The rewards of life come to the hero who has acted because they have planted seeds that often reward them later on with a harvest of benefit.  Those who do nothing, plant nothing, and often harvest nothing but regret.  It is also the case rewards in life are rarely immediate, manifesting months, years even decades later after the attempt just as my acorns I planted took many months before manifesting as oak saplings.

It is good to use intelligence in action, by following a path with intelligence increases success and reduces the pain suffered by a process of action.  The flowers I planted in my garden I intelligently decided to plant in the right season, the joy of watching them slowly manifesting as spring flowers is born of this intelligence.

The only answer to these challenges against my blogging was plunge in and get writing again, it was hard and messy, with mistakes, but now I flow again as I write this latest article.

Learning from homicidal cows

Science should work in harmony with nature.

The modern day climate benefits a domestic cow rather than an Ice Age auroch.  Working against nature only ends in suffering for all living things.

The modern-day climate benefits a domestic cow rather than an Ice Age auroch. Working against nature only ends in suffering for all living things.

In the news this week a farmer had to kill some cows bred by German Nazi scientists due to their extreme aggression.  Based on the extinct ancestor of the domestic cow called the auroch, which appears on ice age cave paintings, the “Heck super cows” expressed homicidal tendencies towards anyone near them.  The farmer had to use an athletic young man as bait to get the cows into a trailer and off his farm.

There has been talk in recent years of bringing back into existence the wooly mammoths from the Ice Age, though in my opinion this is another expression of human hubris of acting against nature.  In the Ice Age the focus of animal genes was on strength, aggression and size, in harmony with an environment which contained abundant food and a hostile climate.  To bring back an animal that genetically is out of harmony with the modern-day environment is cruel to the animal and perhaps problematic for other species.

Despite humanity most species of plant and animal become extinct because genetically they are unable to cope with changes in their environment, those that do survive have changed to stay in harmony with an ever-changing climate.  Similarly attempts to bring back species of animal such as bear or wolf to nations such as Britain where they have been gone for hundreds of years is unfair on both humans and the animals in an environment that has changed making it unsuitable for their return.  Colchester Zoo shot three of their wolves dead for instance that escaped from my town zoo in 2013 for public safety reasons.

If there is a lesson from the homicidal cows of the farm in Devon it is that scientists need to learn some humility and work in harmony with nature in their work on behalf of humanity.

“Since they have gone it is all peaceful again. Peace reigns supreme on the farm.” – Farmer of homicidal cows.