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Decisions should consider future generations

Better to make decisions for the long-term rather than short-term gains.

Better to have no children if all we are leaving them is a toxic legacy.

Better to have no children if all we are leaving them is a toxic legacy.

I note that practically all leaders make decisions based on short-term gain rather than consider the long-term impacts of how such decisions impact future generations.  What is being left for future generations is a toxic legacy which will result in a harsh life for them.

How sad it seems that future generations will never see living species we take for granted today; or that they will be paying the accumulated public debt we have left for them; or that the world will be reduced to a bloody battleground of war; or all the land, water and air will be polluted; or that instead of abundance future generations will suffer shortages of water, food and energy.

Until decision makers change their attitude… fast… then the legacy we are leaving to future children, it would be an act of kindness to have no children at all, so they won’t suffer its consequences.


Sustainability Action 9 : conserve electricity.

I have from today made a point of making sure that all lights, gadgets and equipment are switched off when not in use, thus to conserve energy.  Such action saves money, but also prevents wastage of energy.