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Making your own luck

Create and be attentive to opportunity.


These Colchester crows create their luck by positioning themselves and being attentive to the foraging squirrel, whose found nuts they will steal.

There is nothing mystical about luck.  If the individual desires an oak tree in the middle of their garden, no amount of praying, meditation or mystical ritual will manifest an oak tree out of nothing; plant an acorn in the soil, give the acorn attention, and the chances are high after a period of time an oak tree will manifest.

In recent weeks I have been lucky finding many coins and currency notes on the ground that inattentive, stressed and drunk people drop upon the ground in the dark.  This luck has been due to a few years of practice of observation as I walk around, a fun challenge of spotting coins on the ground, and thus I have an eye of a hawk, my instinctive scanning of the ground creates the opportunity to find dropped coins.

In my garden is a shed, upon which the pine needles of a tree fall upon the roof, decomposing into a mulch, and little blades of grass are growing, seizing an opportunity to live in the mulch of the shed roof.  In my local park the squirrels forage for nuts they buried in the ground, with crows shadowing them, the squirrel find the nut, the crows seize the opportunity to grab the nut.  Feeding ducks, individuals encounter seagulls swoop in to grab the food even before it hits the water.  Our cat Helix sits attentive in hidden places watching the birds feeding at the food station, waiting the opportunity to grab a careless bird.

Luck is neither random or mystical.  Nature offers the insight that living things create their opportunities through effort and attention.  I find my coins because I trained my mind to spot them, then I maintain a watchful subconscious attention for the coins.  Some seagulls I observe create opportunities for food by stamping their feet in a rain dance on the ground to trick the worms to the surface.

There is an experience called synchronicity, a type of coincidence where an individual thinks or acts in some manner that appears to coincide with an event, for instance I think of a person and a second later that person telephones me.  Whilst synchronicity is one aspect of the weirdness in nature, at the core is an individual who has acted either in thought or deed to make space for an opportunity to arise of synchronicity.

Does luck exist?

I see luck as a blessing hidden inside a challenge.

So many hidden dangers, it is a wonder how people survive.

So many hidden dangers, it is a wonder how people survive.

As a child racing up a slope, I stopped at the right moment, ignorantly fortunate as the slope gave way to a drop off a cliff.  Running across grass in Slovakia, I nearly fell down a hole into their sewage system.  Foolishly walking on the outside of a crash barrier thinking coincidently about someone who had died in a car crash, a drunken driver spun towards me, time went slow, he missed me by two lengths of my arm.  This and other events, a miss by one step or two beats of a heart from tragedy, I could say I am lucky.

I being the empiricist take my truth to be one based on observation and demonstration.  I see how always I come within a step of harm but I avoid its penalty.  On the day I was to move out of rented accommodation my planned destination home fell through, looking at homelessness I applied to an advert for a flat, I by some weird coincidence ended up living as a neighbour to the person who I had given so many of my material possessions to when I was reducing my belongings for the move.  Life is happy to throw me into a stormy river but seems to be nice enough to give me a life jacket at the right moment.

I have a love-hate relationship with the concept of luck.  Being rational and scientific about luck fails to work for me.  There is a magical X factor that exists that helps me out when the going gets tough, when I am about to hit an ugly situation and it either mitigates or helps me avoid the harm altogether.  I am taunted by something that I am unable to explain, at least not scientifically.

The plane crash in Libya in 2010 remains an enigmatic case study for me on the question of luck.  Everything disintegrated apart from the tail fin of that plane, more than a hundred people died.  There was one survivor, against all the odds he should not have survived, a boy aged ten.  Luck is a strange elusive beast, a boy against all the odds surviving a plane crash that kills everyone, but unlucky that he is now an orphan, his parents and brother are dead.

I rather call luck a blessing, the gift that is hidden within a challenge.  I observe that luck manifests only after an action, when something is in motion, you need a helping hand to bridge the gap across the void to a dream, hope or goal.  I admit my unscientific action for many years of asking the elusive source of this luck to look out for me, that I can continue to cross a road without being crushed under a falling grand piano.

Positive thinking opens doors

Reality is what we make it.

Finding money on the ground is more about our state of mind than luck.

Finding money on the ground is more about our state of mind than luck.

Since New Years Day I have found £2.59 on the ground as I walk around the streets of my home town of Colchester.  Apparently Colchester people are getting careless and dropping their money.  Without any effort of looking I observe a lost coin upon the ground as I walk along inviting me to adopt it as its new owner.

Opportunities like these lost coins happen to us all the time, we may say we were lucky, but it is because of our state of mind.  I am highly observant, it is habit of mine to zone in on a lost coin on the ground, a sort of fun challenge that I seem to play on a subconscious level.

Lucky opportunities are all around us waiting to be seized, the question is do we see them? If we feel lucky, we believe success will come, then it is likely we will see the opportunities and thus benefit from what they will bring to us.  Those of a negative disposition to life will blind themselves, their minds will filter out the positive opportunities in favour of the self-fulfilling negative reality they create.

Those with a positive outlook have a positive body language, which is conveyed to those around them, who reciprocate with positive responses.  I gain a lot of business from recommendation, which is assisted because of a positive attitude to those who recommend me.


Sustainability Action 8 : supporting local independent shops

As consumers we have the power of choice to support sustainable businesses.  Today I marked a simple beginning to support local independent businesses in Colchester by buying from them rather than large corporate chains.  I today purchased a couple of bananas from a small local fruit and vegetable shop instead of going to a large retail corporate food store.