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Achieving a calm mind in life

The Autumn Equinox brought with it disaster and miracle.

In a crisis keep calm and carry on.  You achieve positive results from staying calm.

In a crisis keep calm and carry on. You achieve positive results from staying calm.

You die, life carries on.  It is true, friends of mine died, the world never stopped, the living carried on with life.  Why waste time in fear or anger when life demands living?

The Autumn Equinox in the North of this world marked the equalisation of night and day, before death and hunger falls over the sleeping land of Winter.  This Equinox brought me challenges: the toilet broke; I lost my hard-drive; one of my oak saplings snapped off, perhaps by Helix the cat chasing birds or the squirrel again.  In crisis we British drink tea, the saying is stay calm, carry on.

Pebbles the cat started life abused and neglected, eleven years later the psychological marks of her mistreatment remains: easily stressed; flighty; anxious. I have known Pebbles a year, she is grumpy, neurotic, sick on the carpet and sometimes annoying, but I have treated her calmly and kindly.  Pebbles came to trust me and likes to position herself near me.

In the last few days as I worked on the laptop Pebbles would sit watching me over the laptop screen, it was highly distracting.  Pebbles would sit on or position her head on the laptop to go to sleep making it hard to work.  On the Equinox Pebbles did something she had never done before with a human and jumped into my lap; the first attempt was a disaster as her claws were in my legs; the second attempt with help of blankets she delighted on being on my lap whilst clawing the blankets.  The miracle of this cat sleeping in my lap made up for the disasters of the day, the result of treating the cat with calm kind tolerance.

This morning I recovered my hard drive; rain started as I was walking home soaking me; the chain linking my USB memory stick and my key ring broke, answered by a cat jumping on the table for attention.  Working at my laptop, Pebbles sat on it, and managed to turn the laptop off.  I think Pebbles is hungry.

Completing the circle

Uncompleted things in life become energy consuming baggage.

ImageMost people who gather large quantities of disordered clutter in the home have the stress of losing things and the sense of being under siege by a mountain of junk.  In the same way when you leave things unresolved in your life then they won’t vanish, they will lurk in the shadowy background calling out to you to resolve them.  Imagine tens of thousands of these unresolved issues crying out to you? You can quickly drown in stress of so much unresolved junk.

There is a German word called gestalt, which is a philosophy about completing the circle, resolving the unresolved issues in life, so that they no longer are calling for your attention, they vanish as issues like the morning mist.  Everything you fail to resolve ends on the junk pile to weigh you down.  The idea is to resolve all these issues before taking on new projects, even the smallest.  List them, then work on them.  They can be physical or emotional issues.

Prevention is better than cure.  By keeping life simple, by filtering out junk, by restricting what  is taken on, then you have the resources to cope with completing the circle rather than an ever growing mountain of unresolved issues.

Finally, in order to resolve the many unresolved demands upon me in life I am reducing for a few months my blog posts to one every few days. I will be back to daily postings when I have found a new home and a stable internet connection.

You are what you think and do

Anything you read, watch or experience you become.

Carrying your little brother

Think of your brain as like a child you carry on your back, what you think and do your brain becomes.

Apart from some pre-determined input from your DNA you come into this world with a mind that is a near empty bucket.  By default this bucket is filled with your experiences from within the womb since you will be aware of inputs such as sound and motion before even you are born.

Unfortunately before the age of 18 you have a diminishing percentage of control the younger you are over the hand you are dealt with of your inputs from your environment.  You become whatever those inputs are, so if you were badly treated as a child the chances are if this pattern is allowed to continue, you will be treating your own children badly as an adult.

From the age of 18 you are the master of your own destiny.  No longer can you place at the door of those around you the responsibility for what you will become in the future from the age you turn 18.  You are responsible for changing the patterns in your brain, of trading the hand you were dealt with for better cards.

You are this moment the sum of all the experiences of your life, these are like a pair of hands that have shaped the clay of your mind into certain patterns via how your brain cells have been linked up.  These brain cells are like clay, they can be changed into anything you please, though the deeper the pattern the longer and the harder it shall be to mould a new pattern.  Nothing is fixed in your brain, all is flexible to change, though age is a factor in how fast the changes shall be if you change a pattern.

People who are lazy, stupid and needy hand their brains to others to mould for them.  Everything you do and think become the hands that mould your brain cells into new patterns into what you will become in the future.  If you decide to allow yourself to be brainwashed by television or other toxic inputs then you have yourself to blame for the person you will become as a result of those inputs.

You are a clay master of your own brain, you can be anything you choose to be if you actively mould your brain in the right way.  The responsibility is down to you to think and do to become what you shall be in the future.

Positive thinking opens doors

Reality is what we make it.

Finding money on the ground is more about our state of mind than luck.

Finding money on the ground is more about our state of mind than luck.

Since New Years Day I have found £2.59 on the ground as I walk around the streets of my home town of Colchester.  Apparently Colchester people are getting careless and dropping their money.  Without any effort of looking I observe a lost coin upon the ground as I walk along inviting me to adopt it as its new owner.

Opportunities like these lost coins happen to us all the time, we may say we were lucky, but it is because of our state of mind.  I am highly observant, it is habit of mine to zone in on a lost coin on the ground, a sort of fun challenge that I seem to play on a subconscious level.

Lucky opportunities are all around us waiting to be seized, the question is do we see them? If we feel lucky, we believe success will come, then it is likely we will see the opportunities and thus benefit from what they will bring to us.  Those of a negative disposition to life will blind themselves, their minds will filter out the positive opportunities in favour of the self-fulfilling negative reality they create.

Those with a positive outlook have a positive body language, which is conveyed to those around them, who reciprocate with positive responses.  I gain a lot of business from recommendation, which is assisted because of a positive attitude to those who recommend me.


Sustainability Action 8 : supporting local independent shops

As consumers we have the power of choice to support sustainable businesses.  Today I marked a simple beginning to support local independent businesses in Colchester by buying from them rather than large corporate chains.  I today purchased a couple of bananas from a small local fruit and vegetable shop instead of going to a large retail corporate food store.