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Positive thinking opens doors

Reality is what we make it.

Finding money on the ground is more about our state of mind than luck.

Finding money on the ground is more about our state of mind than luck.

Since New Years Day I have found £2.59 on the ground as I walk around the streets of my home town of Colchester.  Apparently Colchester people are getting careless and dropping their money.  Without any effort of looking I observe a lost coin upon the ground as I walk along inviting me to adopt it as its new owner.

Opportunities like these lost coins happen to us all the time, we may say we were lucky, but it is because of our state of mind.  I am highly observant, it is habit of mine to zone in on a lost coin on the ground, a sort of fun challenge that I seem to play on a subconscious level.

Lucky opportunities are all around us waiting to be seized, the question is do we see them? If we feel lucky, we believe success will come, then it is likely we will see the opportunities and thus benefit from what they will bring to us.  Those of a negative disposition to life will blind themselves, their minds will filter out the positive opportunities in favour of the self-fulfilling negative reality they create.

Those with a positive outlook have a positive body language, which is conveyed to those around them, who reciprocate with positive responses.  I gain a lot of business from recommendation, which is assisted because of a positive attitude to those who recommend me.


Sustainability Action 8 : supporting local independent shops

As consumers we have the power of choice to support sustainable businesses.  Today I marked a simple beginning to support local independent businesses in Colchester by buying from them rather than large corporate chains.  I today purchased a couple of bananas from a small local fruit and vegetable shop instead of going to a large retail corporate food store.

Sustainability action 5 : reducing plastic bags

Use durable long-lasting bags to shop rather than plastic bags.

This is the type of hemp-cotton bag I use instead of plastic bags to shop with.  So eco-friendly squirrels love them.

This is the type of hemp-cotton bag I use instead of plastic bags to shop with. The eco-friendly nature of the bag gets the thumbs up from Colchester squirrels, especially when chocolate is involved.

Today I went to the food store with my durable hemp-cotton bag, using this to carry my food purchases rather than using plastic bags.  I have two of these bags, one you can see being raided by a Colchester squirrel in the photograph, which I have had for about a year.

During my recent litter pick it was the plastic waste I found more of.  Plastic is made from oil products, and is a choking or suffocation hazard to animals.  Plastic mostly is resistant to decay, which makes it such an annoying and destructive form of rubbish.

Britain is taking a good stance against plastic, some shops now charging for plastic bags, or paying the customer to reuse bags.  Traders have worked out that discouraging people from using their plastic bags is good for the environment as well as their profits.  Often I am asked in the shop if I want a bag with a look in the eye of the retail assistant that makes me feel like a puppy murderer if I said “yes”.

Plastic bags won’t be totally eliminated from my life, for they are useful to protect items from the British rain, and to use when picking up litter.