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Calm in nature

Nature offers an opportunity to regain balance and calm.

In nature I can restore my inner harmony after a battering in the human world.

In nature I can restore my inner harmony after a battering in the human world.

As I interact with the human world I reach the point I want to scream.  The attitudes and behaviors of people towards each other and to this planet drives me crazy.  As examples: one individual said they enjoyed watching animals suffer so they gave up being a vegan; another attacked the idea of personal responsibility; we have two toilets, the cat Pebbles is curled up asleep in front of one blocking access, I use the alternative toilet rather than disturb the cat, the cat’s owner dumps the cat out-of-the-way to use the toilet it is blocking access to; a fellow member of a group has become a self-appointed tyrant and has been bullying new members, I am close to quitting the group; the list goes on.

Unfortunately there is no human refuge from this lack of empathy for people or living things, so it is towards nature I turn in which to reach harmony in my mind.  I watch the butterflies dancing around, hear the birds sing, and smell the many aromas of nature, then I find my inner calm and balance again.  If anyone questions why I prefer a walk in nature to a noisy social party, you know why.

The difference between profit and prosperity

Support those that concentrate on prosperity.

Those that concentrate on prosperity benefit all.  You make the difference by supporting only those that put prosperity first as their end goal.

Those that concentrate on prosperity benefit all. You make the difference by supporting only those that put prosperity first as their end goal.

As a stakeholder you should benefit from, have a say in, and participate in anything you are associated with in life, if not then it may be a relationship you need to review.  That which you are stakeholder in can be focussed on either profit or prosperity.  I define prosperity as bringing about happiness, health and abundance.

In the current paradigm most organisations, groups and individuals have their attention only on profit, their beliefs and behaviours are focussed on profit at the expense of other considerations like health and happiness.  Those that place profit first will do so at the expense of their stakeholders the customers, suppliers, employees and investors who will feel used and abused.  Health and happiness is sacrificed for profit, money is the end goal.  Society and the environment is neglected or harmed in the pursuit of profit.

Those that concentrate on prosperity will look after their stakeholders, they will delight their customers and team with good beliefs and behaviour that bring about happiness, health and abundance for everyone.  Those with prosperity as the end goal will care for society and the environment in all their decision-making and processes.

You have the power to make the difference by supporting only those that put prosperity first, avoiding those that are obsessed with profit at all costs.  You are stakeholder not consumer, you benefit from, you participate in, you have a voice, if not, why not? Those that have profit as their end goal will do only harm, those that have prosperity as their end goal benefit all.

Children need boundaries

Childhood anxiety is often the result of poor boundaries that encourage insecurity.

Children need to feel secure to grow.

Children need to feel secure to grow.

One of the great issues children suffer from is anxiety.  This anxiety spawns many symptoms from suicide to bullying.  An industry has been built up to profit from childhood anxiety in the form of therapists to drugs, an industry which would rather the child continue to exist in this anxious state.  Anxiety spins off because of insecurity, and the insecurity is caused by ineffective boundaries, the solution is healthy boundaries.

Children are a resource, like seed in the ground, they are potential, a resource that is still to manifest and flower.  The carer and teacher are the gardeners, and society provides the soil in which these seeds will grow from.  Like everything humanity has poisoned the soil in which these seeds are growing, and the gardeners are less skilled and wise in their ability than former generations.

All children need security if they are to flourish. If the child is anxious they waste energy on dealing with the crisis rather than growing.  The answer is healthy boundaries, which provide protection, opportunities to grow and a structure for the child to build a world view of self and reality.  The current boundaries that the majority of children encounter in the English-speaking world are bad, they fail to provide opportunities to grow, and are so vague that the child has little idea what or where they are.


Yasmeen Olya makes a good point on how to protect children in her blog post. Anything that makes a child feel insecure leads to anxiety, which pulls away resources that could have been used for growing.  If there are troubles in the family or in the world, the child has no need to know about it.  Protection is age and ability dependent, a child should only come into contact with sex, violence and the problems of society when they are emotionally able to handle it; if they come against anything they are not ready for they suffer anxiety on a crippling level.  Television, video games and internet would be better eliminated or severely limited for most pre-teens.


Children grow if they are given the opportunity to play, experience and do. One of the important opportunities is giving children access to nature.  Nature is a great teacher, it will present children with natural challenges that prepare the child emotionally for the raw world of human society.  Children will encounter sex, death, suffering, violence in nature, as well as the living, nurturing, beauty and nobility that nature provides too. Children can play, swim, dig, climb and create in a social experiential environment.  There are many forms of opportunity beyond nature, and they all provide growing opportunities as longs as they are unstructured and available.  Opportunities need only adults to teach skills and knowledge, but the process or route the child chooses to create and explore should be left to them.  The human body is designed for activity so all opportunities are good if they encourage physical, emotional and intellectual activity in a liberated open way.  See anaturemom.com for what I mean about opportunities.


To a certain extent children come into the world with no sense of self or reality.  It is through play, doing and experience that the child slowly constructs a world view.  The child automatically borrows a world view from their carers and teachers as a substitute whilst they slowly construct their own.  It is down to the carer and teacher to provide a clear world view for the child which sets the limits which the child works in.  If the boundaries are unclear or invisible the child has no idea who they are or where they are in the world; suddenly the world grows into a large and dangerous place, insecurity sets in and then so does anxiety.  The structure starts off restricted with few choices, but grows as the child grows.

Boundaries that are ability dependent

Whilst age provides a good framework around which to construct boundaries, with greater experience it would be better to construct the boundaries based on ability.  Take for example a highly intelligent child, they will need boundaries that are less restrictive than a normal ability student.  Likewise a child with disabilities need more restrictive boundaries than a normal ability child.

I end with a video of an intelligent child who needed a university rather than normal school to satisfy their intellectual needs.  Though such a child preferred adult company to that of their age group, they still need strong emotional boundaries.

Global weather turns hostile

2013 likely will be worse than 2012 for extremes of weather.

Two glowing eyes in the clouds promises a harsh global experience in 2013.

Two glowing eyes in the clouds promises a harsh global weather experience in 2013.

A few days ago I was bouncing around Colchester happy as a bee as the mild spring brought pleasant weather after the floods of rain during December.  The winter in Britain depresses me for its cold and darkness, so I have been liking the mild temperatures this winter, with few frosts, tons of rain and one day of snow.

The blossoms are on the trees; foraging bees were out gathering food; the birds singing their hearts out, creating their territories and finding a mate; the first flowers of spring, including snowdrops were blooming.  At the back of my mind I warned myself to be wary of my optimism, for the British weather is a temperamental animal, which can turn nasty in an instant.  Today temperatures dropped more than ten degrees Celsius on the previous day, something that has an impact of a sledgehammer on the human body, which dislikes sudden temperature changes.  The savage frosts were back and a warning of snow was being made all over the internet.  Damn!

The observant can over time spot trends, which includes weather.  The news of the first ten days of 2013 is grim.  The Middle East has been hammered by the worst storms in ten years, heavy rains and snow; a sense of disbelief that Jerusalem is at a standstill due to heavy snowfall.  In the northern provinces of China winter fell like a hungry beast trapping more than a thousand ships in sea ice, and plunging temperatures deep below freezing point.  In the USA, suffering the continuing drought, winter storms dumped tons of snow on suffering Americans.  New Zealand is in drought, their rivers at the lowest point in years.  Record killer heat waves in Australia and Tasmania resulted in vast wild fires that destroyed homes, took lives and wiped out large swathes of forest and innumerable numbers of wildlife.  Distressed whales that usually visit in summer appeared in winter in Canada, and are a cause of concern being trapped under ice with a diminishing gap in the ice providing them with air.

My prediction is that the weather in 2013 is going to give humanity a worse kicking than it did in 2012.


Sustainability Action 10: I signed up to a sustainability seminar in Colchester.

Knowledge is power, for knowledge provides the keys to open doors to success.  My progress to be a sustainable individual is hampered by the limits on my knowledge; it is through education that I can increase my knowledge, thus to be a better sustainable individual.  I today signed up to a one day seminar on sustainability at Essex University in Colchester for next week.

I shall learn about how to involve other people in a cooperative atmosphere to design and follow a sustainable process that benefits society, business and the environment.  Currently the world follows unsustainable processes that will lead to human extinction; those processes need to be changed, and it requires all individuals to make those changes together if humanity is to survive.